Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi is known for having one of the world’s largest mosque; the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This beautiful monument was created with the intent to mix together Islamic culture with traditional and modern architecture and art. We have to say, an amazing job has been done with mixing in architecture and art too; every corner deserves to be looked at with awe, having been made with precision. The mosque has a capacity for 40,000 worshippers and features 82 domes, over a 1,000 columns and 24 carat gold gilded chandeliers.

If these numbers aren’t enough to make you want to book your next trip to this stunning mosque ASAP, then we don’t know what is. As a bonus, since the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a place of worship, entrance is free to all. You’re better off visiting during the early morning or evening to avoid the heat. The latter is also a good time to visit if you’re into photography, capture the Mosque’s beauty as the sun sets.

If you leave the mosque mesmerized with it’s beauty and art, wanting more, be sure to visit the Louvre Museum. Built with a minimalistic, futuristic design, the building on its own is a work of art. The inside of this artistic shell features the same design as it’s exterior, encasing minimalism in every step. Apart from Art, the museum is loaded with history, representing a multitude of faiths and cultures, with magnificent displays from olden civilisation to the present time. A part of the museum is dedicated to an art exhibition by international artists, showcasing original paintings such as Van Gough’s Self Portrait, Matisse and Jackson Pollock and more.

For something more stimulating, the Ferrari World theme park will give you all the exciting fun you’re looking for with a large variety of rides and attractions for all ages. Branded by Ferrari, you already know an amazing time lays ahead. Embark on a thrilling ride with the rollercoaster and control your simulated world, whether you’re playing for fun or racing intensely with friends or family. After all the rides, games and walking around, you’re sure to work up an appetite. Treat your taste buds to appetizing meals made by professional chefs and relish in a unique shopping experience like no other.

Finally, enter the infamous Desert Safari Dubai, attracting tourists from all parts of the world. Generally, the Desert Safari involves Dune Bashing; a gripping activity that involves soaring through the desert on an off road 4WD vehicle, cutting through sand dunes at unimaginable speeds. You can feel the wind rush through your hair as the driver speeds up on the dunes, drifting in style at the perfect moments.

Other features of the Desert Safari include quad biking, which can almost be classified as Dune Bashing, except that with a quad bike, you’re on your own. A solo adventure, as we like to call it. For a calmer solo adventure, climb on to a camel’s well padded back and comfortably make your way through the desert, experiencing the pure, traditional way of getting across a desert. Next up is Sand skiing; the art of skiing with no snow, but simply sand. An age old tradition mastered by the emiratis over time. The sand in the desert has a certain degree of fineness to allow you to simply slip on over it on a pair of sand skis. Experience the art of Falconry first hand, where you get to watch professional falconers train falcons and have them perch onto your arm within minutes of training.

Some tour operators also add in a hot air balloon ride, allowing you to peacefully glide through the sky and view the city’s wonders from a bird’s eye perspective. Now to some people, this may seem like a waste of time, especially to those who have a phobia of heights, however, take it from us this is something you will love to experience and something you may want to do again, do not miss the chance.

Take your time to explore the beautiful Abu Dhabi and it’s wonders.

    Enjoyable things to do in Abu Dhabi:

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Louvre Museum
  • Ferrari World
  • Desert Safari

    DO’S AT Abu Dhabi City Tour:

  • Plan ahead and ensure you’re on track with opening and closing timings, as well as to ensure you get a good value deal
  • Be realistic with planning out your activities, taking into consideration the duration of each

    DON'T AT Abu Dhabi City Tour

  • Rush through activities with the intention of completing a lot in a day. You’d rather thoroughly enjoy one activity instead of barely enjoying multiple events.
  • Carry with you valuables if you’re going to be on the move a lot and don’t require them much