Yacht Rental Dubai

Yacht Rental Dubai

Dubai is home to a few of the most luxurious Yachts in the world and merely seeing them in the marina from afar is not enough. We encourage you to hire one and experience the majesty of a Yacht first-hand. There are numerous services which cater to this niche and their options can take anyone from the family man looking at affordability to a bachelor party looking to have a memorable night out in the deep blue ocean in the city of Dubai.

Most Yacht services have an array of extras they include with renting a Yacht, some of these include but are not limited to; complimentary refreshments, complimentary fishing equipment and a convenient electric griller as well as full hands on assistance by the Yacht’s dedicated crew. The only thing we can say to make this deal sweeter is to hire a professional photographer, unless of course someone on-board is a natural photographer, to help you in cherishing these moments for times to come. You can easily inquire with the Yacht rental agency regarding this as here in Dubai, all of us are one big family trying to help each other out.

Although the UAE’s weather is mostly warm throughout the year, some period of this time remains cool and it is recommended to book accordingly to ensure no inconvenience lays ahead.

Some Yachts are put out exclusively for larger parties in mind, these may be for a loved one’s birthday celebration, a very sweet sixteen indeed. Perhaps it may be a time to enjoy a well-earned getaway cruise with all the people in your friend circle, couples and bachelors alike. Employers may even want to take this up as an office party or team getaway plan, employees can enjoy the company of each other outside of the workplace and this may be a way to help in building teamwork skills as well as promote morale to create a more efficient work environment.

Some people even go as far as hiring a Yacht for the serenity and calmness of the ocean, where they can be alone with their loved one and have a romantic experience worthy enough to pop the question to them, now is that not true love? Let us take this a step further on the romantic side and suggest this, why not have your dream wedding alongside the beautiful city of Dubai at sunset on one of our luxury Yachts, enjoy a pristine view of the Dubai fountain and all the beauty the city’s skyline has to offer, look behind you to see the magical sunset as you embrace one another in a matrimony that locks you both in for life. The perfect wedding picture is simply begging to be clicked, your professional photographer will most definitely not let it slip away. Let us help you make memories of a lifetime.

There are plenty of Yachts available through various Yacht rental dubai service providers which we can connect you with. The sizes of the Yachts vary greatly, ranging anywhere from thirty feet to well over eighty feet. Accommodation can be anywhere from 10 guests to 200 guests at a time, it is crucial that you take this into account amongst other factors when selecting a Yacht you would like to hire for your time here in Dubai.

Most Yachts are outfitted with the best of cutting edge technology to fulfil your necessary requirements, these features include but are not limited to; a luxurious ensuite bedroom as well as separate bedrooms with separate restrooms, a kitchenette, etc. Every detail regarding structure was taken into high consideration to ensure grandeur, aesthetics and comfort. These Yachts come with a full crew who are willing to answer and aid you in any way they can, they will instruct you regarding the full safety regulations of each Yacht as well as provide some company, if you like, on the venture into the crystal-clear waters as well.

Yacht Rental Dubai Highlights:

  • Luxury Yachts
  • Best cutting edge technology
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Complimentary fishing equipment
  • Convenient electric griller
  • Full hands crew assistance
  • Lavish bedrooms and kitchenette
  • Perfect for any event
  • Range of sizes approximately 30- 80 feet
  • Accommodates approximately 10- 200 guests
DO’S AT Yacht Cruise:
  • Ensure your devices are fully charged to avoid the common disappointment of having it die out during the best moments
  • Dress well for the weather, it does tend to get chilly by the water at night
DON'T AT Yacht Cruise:
  • Forget any medication you may need for seasickness or as is prescribed by your physician
  • Play around by the edge, safety at sea is highly important

CAUTION For extra precaution, it is recommended for pregnant women to consult their physician before getting onboard.