Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

A true photographer's paradise; pick up the day with an early start that is worth being up in the early hours and join us for breakfast with a Falcon. We offer exclusive trips over the beautiful Dubai Desert at near dawn. “Soar like bird” and watch the Falcon take flight before your very eyes. Experience first-hand the intense flight of the fastest bird on the earth, all from the convenience of your personal hot air balloon rides in the beautiful sky. Leave all your worries and stress on the ground and float up higher than ever imaginable and witness the red Arabian sun make its way above and over the horizon to pierce your eyes with its sheer beauty, a magical sight that will always be engraved into your heart.

As the day begins you will be asked to meet your driver in the hotel lobby as we provide pickup and drop off services to wherever you please. Meet your crew bright and early and allow us to drive you in a well cooled and comfortable 4WD vehicle as we take you out into the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where you will meet your pilot. Look into the horizon as you see the purple sky slowly turn bright and orange, hop into the balloon and allow us to take you gracefully into the heavens above. While you do so, enjoy a gourmet breakfast at a spectacular view, 4000 feet high with nothing but the piercing warmth from the red Arabian sun as it creeps above the horizon, following you as you slowly make your way higher to catch a more picturesque view.

Hot air balloons Dubai are meant to accommodate all purposes for people's trips. Whether you’re in for a little adventure alone, looking for a memorable family vacation experience or would like to treat your friends or work colleagues to some fun time, the hot air balloon is a perfect spot to do so. Also providing a romantic setting, the hot air balloon makes for a perfect, relaxing getaway with your significant other. Enjoy listening to your favourite track while you soar over the Dubai Desert.

Don’t be afraid to hop on if you have a fear of heights. When you are this high up in the sky above, the fear melts away and all that is left is peace and serenity. Simply gaze over the Earth beneath you as you float elegantly over it. Spot camels walking across the Dubai Desert plains, and you may also get to see the mighty Arabian Oryx and the exotic Gordon's Wildcat. The hot air balloon ride usually goes on for one hour. It might seem like a long time at first, to be spent soaring over the desert in a mere floating basket but when you are up there, one hour will definitely not seem enough.

Bring the whole family over as the hot air balloon can accommodate everyone who wishes to hop aboard. Make it a fun experience for all, even your in-laws. The kids can marvel at the view of the rising sun over the horizon. If you’re a big group, that is perfect as we have balloons to ensure a pleasant trip. With accommodations up to 24 people per balloons, we’ve got you sorted. Add onto this as you join us as we make our descent into the open sandy plains of the Dubai desert to a Bedouin camp deep in the vast open. Once comfortably steadied on land, you can enjoy a ride in the Vintage 1950’s Land Rovers and also participate in team building skills, make it an experience worth keeping.

    Hot Air Balloon Highlights:

  • Near dawn timing
  • Spot camels and different wildlife species on the desert plains
  • Gourmet breakfast
  • Accommodates up to 24 people per balloon, depending on which balloon you end up choosing
  • Specialty balloons rides ask our staff!
  • Descends to Bedouin camp for activities
  • Ride in Vintage 1950’s Land rovers after you land

    DO’S At Hot Air Balloon:

  • Ensure your devices are fully charged to avoid the common disappointment of having it die out during the best moments
  • Comply with our staff regarding safety regulations
  • Carry with you any medication you may need as is prescribed by your physician

    DON'T AT Hot Air Balloon

  • Litter from the balloon, no matter how tempting it may be to see your wrapper float down from 4,000 feet above, peak height.
  • Expect stable internet connection.
  • Fear the height when you look down. You’re openly soaring the sky, indulge in the calmness and serenity of the open silent skies