Dune Bashing Tours Dubai

Dune Bashing in Dubai

Dubai, the most beautiful and luxurious region in the Middle East. Like moths of flame, visitors from every corner of the world travel to this captivating Arabian paradise year after year. With plenty to do, to learn and encounter, it's no surprise that this city is such a bustling tourist magnet. From visiting its multiple parks and skyscrapers, to indulge in mouth-watering cuisine and retail at its giant malls to skydiving, jet skiing, scuba diving, and dune smashing, Dubai is a city that simply has everything for everybody. But before all of the growth, building, and industrial boom, Dubai was (and still is) a desert area. Throughout this post, we would look at the one practice that has become part of Dubai's history for decades and centuries-Dune Bashing.

Top Dune Bashing Dubai Safaris

Here are a few handpicked Dune Bashing for Desert Safari:

1. Red Dune Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner & Live Entertainment

Get prepared for an exciting desert drive across the red sand dunes, deep in the core of the desert of Lahbab. You'll be picked up on a 4x4 and transported to the desert, leaving the town behind. You have the choice to select either a 4x4 pick-up truck or a coach move.

After the journey, you arrive at a typical Beduin camp where you can find other desert activities. Here you will witness camel walking, spicy shisha, and henna hand drawing. Entertainers doing popular tanoura and fire displays and belly dancers should bring spice to a fun-filled evening. You can also come dressed in typical Arabic dresses and take photos of the Arabic image of yourself. As the day draws to an end, you're going to have a great meal that can be combined with complimentary soft beverages, juice, tea, and coffee. With a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to choose from, your buffet is ideally tailored to your preference.

2. Morning Dune Drive with Sandboarding & Fat Bike Ride

Begin your desert journey with an exciting desert drive across the red sand dunes of the Lahbab Region. Join the thrilling trip on the ever-changing dunes with a thrilling sand riding session that's going to leave you happy and how! The focus of this outing, though, is towards the end-a fat bike ride on the dunes. Over the next hour or so, look out for the rising sun and sand dunes for an exciting fat bike trip with your fellow travelers.

Since building up your appetite, enjoy a healthy, delicious picnic breakfast in the desert and head home with a full heart and sore legs!

3. Evening Dune Buggy Safari + BBQ Dinner + Live Entertainment

After the Buggy Adventure Session, you arrive at a typical Beduin camp where many desert experiences are waiting for you. You will taste camel walking, herbal shisha, and henna hand painting here.

There will be plenty of fun as performers perform traditional tanoura, fire displays, and ballroom dancing. Post the game; you can take pictures of yourself and your family and friends dressed in typical Arabic clothes. As the day comes to a close, you will be taken to a tasty buffet cooked with the highest quality and the utmost treatment. With a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods to choose from, the buffet is great for the night.

Morning Desert Safari

If you're looking to ride the sandy beach, the morning desert safari is going to suit you. You will get up on dunes, quad bikes, sandboarding, and camel runs. Quad bikes come at an extra price of AED 30 in several of the contracts. You'll be amused in a 4WD vehicle for much of the journey. Any tour operators sell antique drives that are as old as 60 years ago for those who love the retro touch, whilst others showcase the newest versions of land cruisers.

Many events include painting henna and camel trips. After 20-30 minutes of dune smashing, you'll be brought to your camp where you can relax. You may want to have the typical henna tattooed on your palms, or you may want to ride the desert the Bedouin way- on camels.

You will be picked up from your hotel in a big, air-conditioned 4WD with a capacity of 6-8 passengers. So if you're a party of six, then you're going to get the entire journey on your own without the involvement of strangers. After the trip is made, the drop-off would still be open. Read more...

Evening Desert Safari

Often known as Sunset Safari, this one is going to happen when dusk sets. If you want a cooler environment, the Evening Desert Safari may match you. However, the core aspects of the kit stay the same. You and other travelers would be picked up in a 4WD. Upon entering your target, you'll be amused with Emiratis ' favorite pastime, dune bashing. This includes dashing across the mighty sand dunes at full speed while the car bounces and drifts rain sand in its path.

Thrill apart, the dunes appear magnificent at sunset and are a sight to wonder at. Your driver would typically pause at a viewpoint where you can admire the breathtaking beauty of the desert. Read more...

Overnight Desert Safari

The soft glow of lamps highlighting the sandy desert sand, warm lights in the tents as you curl up for the night, a night safari evokes sweet old-fashioned nostalgia. Prolonging Sunset Safari more, you have a night-time desert safari tour that is a far easier way to appreciate the grandeur of the desert and ponder the finer points of life. You that prefer your coffee in a cafe or on a wooden bench under a tree or on a winter night on your patio— but here you will appreciate a steaming cup of Arabic Coffee (Qahwa) in the middle of a desert sitting by an antique lamp with your companions.

Several tour companies are now providing stargazing with a skilled astronomer as part of the plan. For example, the degree of comfort depends on the amount you offer. You get what you're looking for in the desert safari trip, and it's all worth it. Read more...

Falconry Desert Safari

Falconry is a sport of hunting. A falcon is used as a bird of target to capture wild creatures and eventually return to captivity. As an indispensable part of desert life, falconry has been performed in the Arabian lands for centuries and is the expertise with which most Bedouins are protected.

In this safari, your mentor will lead you through the current and ancient techniques of falconry school. The interaction would be immersive because you get to meet the finest qualified falcons in the world and even use a hand to order a falcon to perch on your shoulder. Read more...

Wildlife Desert Safari

If you're one of those who hates the thought of racing across the sand and wants a safer and more sophisticated sport, then the Conservation or Wildlife Desert Safari is for you. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city to join the ecosystem of different animals live in the dry field.

Just a select few safari companies are allowed to work in the Dubai Desert Protection Reserve. Take a look at the desert environment and explore the birdlife, the Arabian Oryx, the uncommon Gordons Wildcat, and the native flora and fauna of the region. Focus your attention on the well-preserved and well-maintained landscape of the UAE. Enjoy the trip with the drinks and treats you'll find. Read more...

Best time to go on a Desert Safari in Dubai?

The safest time to head on a desert safari is on a winter night. Summers are very dry, while the evenings shift easily from cold to bright. Evenings are the perfect period, as not only do you get to see a beautiful sunset, but the afternoon soon gives way to a far cooler night.

How Much will a Dubai Desert Safari Experience Cost?

The cost per individual for the Dubai desert safari is minimal, particularly considering the awesome experience it provides and the best possible inclusions. Have a peek at the reduced cost of the amazing Dubai safari trip and the cheapest desert safari contract in 2020!

For saving time, we suggest taking the following, depending on your monthly budget: low cost: US$ 10-20 (AED 35-70) desert safari per person, desert safari if you're looking for a cheap safari, not renting a quad bike, while doing some cheap to reasonably priced desert dune biking. Mid-range: US$ 50-75 (AED 125-210) per male, per desert safari for reasonably priced meals and desert dune driving.

Desert safari is thrilling, don’t miss out on the great activities it has to offer.