Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour

Dubai has become a tourist hub in today's age. What previously only a desert, is now everyone's first option when they decide on going for a vacation. It has everything- from waterparks, amusement parks, historical places, great food, and the great desert safari. Dubai has been built in a way that you can get everything you want in only one place, and you won't have to go to different countries to see their heritage.

Dubai is divided into two parts – Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai. Keep reading to find out the things that you must not miss out when touring Dubai. This guide will take you across the country while you sit in your room – and if you plan on going to Dubai any time soon, then this guide will act your very own travel guide.

Deira Dubai:

As one of the growing parts of Dubai, Deira has seen hundreds of dramatic changes in industrialisation and has become a destination, full of amazing retail stores and malls, while maintaining its ancient surprises that can make you expand your knowledge, both culturally and spiritually. Here are a few things that you must see in Dubai to feel better and smarter.

1. Gold Souk

With gold becoming an enduring, wise investment, this market draws thousands of inquiring buyers thinking about buying exquisite and creative crafts, exclusive to the souk (located in the town of Al Dhagaya). The elaborately decorated items vary from precious rings to full body armor, an exquisite decoration that renders the souk perfect for prospective brides searching for an exceptional beauty to improve their special day. If you're looking for a gift or just indulge in the many sparkling delights provided, Gold Souk is the place to fulfill your materialistic needs.

2. Spice Souk

Food connoisseurs will love the spice store to purchase enticing spices to give a unique taste to a special dish. Steps from Deira Old Souq Abra Station, stall sellers conduct the tiresome activities of offloading aromatic items, varying from dried limes to medicinal plants and frankincense. Everything is perfectly packaged and draws residents and visitors interested in exploring the less commercial side of Dubai. You can get all the freshest of products, filled with the aromatic Middle East spices that will make up a vital part of any Arabian meal and could even improve other dishes.

3. Heritage House

This courtyard home, built-in 1890, offers you a unique opportunity to get a snapshot of a house previously owned by a rich pearl merchant. Elegant verandas circle the coral and gypsum house, which succeeds in blocking the shimmering, bright Dubai light. Within each room, expect to experience three-dimensional dioramas that seek to replicate critical and traditional aspects of life along with interactive audiovisual displays to expand your imagination. Guests are free to explore the glorious rooms, such as the kitchen, the Majlis (meeting room), and the typical pantry. On the top floor, you can see the authentic kid’s games once enjoyed by entire families, while at the same time understanding the solid foundation on which a near Middle Eastern family was founded.

4. Xxtreme Simulation

Live your driving dreams at the Xxtreme Simulation, the' Most Sophisticated Driving Simulation Hub,' and the only racing hub in Dubai. Feel the intense rush of adrenaline in the state-of-the-art modeling field that has been invented by the professionals and place yourself in the driver's seat while you light your competitive spirit on fire. The device used is also used by real racing teams and thus improves the realism of the surroundings. Offering eight racing car simulators, each comes complete with a' pit-stop' area along with a steering wheel to monitor your development.

5. Deira City Center Shopping Mall

Upgrade your closet with the new trends or dining in a nice and comfortable restaurant as you explore the Deira Shopping Mall, one of the very few malls that mixes high-end, major brands with those who are more accessible, reaching out to more buyers looking to buy a memento of their time in Dubai. Movie lovers can sit down and enjoy a good film in the warmth of a cinema nestled within the city, and lovers of gastronomy will experience the spectacular menus of trendy restaurants and cafes.

6. YHI Spa

This award-winning paradise is filled with zen-like energies that activate the five senses and nurtures your soul and body while at the same time improvising your mind. Explore the unprecedented methods and procedures used by reputable brands that will rejuvenate the face and revitalize your hair and nails. Known as a luxury, YHI Spa offers a full service 1,000 square meters relaxing center with six single and one double cabin providing unrivaled massages and facials.

Bur Dubai:

1. Bastakia Quarter

Soak yourself in the culture of Dubai by exploring one of the oldest structures, a well-respected heritage site built by the Persians in the 19th century. This is the name derived from the town of the same name in southern Iran. Since then, the picturesque landmarks have been designated a heritage site where visitors can now walk the pedestrian alleys and enjoy many restored buildings featuring wind towers, an innovative invention that functioned as a ventilation system. Sandy houses are the residences of a small few; nevertheless, others have been exposed to the public. These included the Dubai Museum, the Aromatic Arabian Tea House, and exhibitions showcasing the most mysterious and beautiful works of art from artists from all over the globe.

2. Women's Museum Bait al Banat

It's a cultural project set up to investigate and revere the lives of prominent women and the roles they have performed in the Arab world and the Gulf region. The first floor is devoted to showcasing pieces of art by female artists from all over the Emirates. Owing to program changes, the gallery can show works by established artists as well as retrospectives by emerging artists. Gain insight into their viewpoints on various themes, varying from theoretical to story-based. The second floor contains a vast collection of scholarly papers and books that any intelligent mind can enjoy.

3. Dubai Museum

Completed in 1799 as a shield against invasion, within the recently restored Al Fahidi Fort, the Dubai Museum aims to indoctrinate visitors into the culture and heritage of the region. At only 3 AED per person, this show is theft for those seeking to experience the dramatic transformation of a once barren desert into a thriving metropolis. Underground, the informative dioramas of certain events in history, such as the trade of pearls, provide a refuge from the shimmering sun. Models are a brilliant attempt to rehabilitate the pivotal moments and attract and educate the public.

4. Majlis Gallery

For musicians and art lovers who are searching for a place to enjoy the work of others, the Majlis Gallery is indeed heaven. Since its inception in 1989, the Majlis (meaning a traditional meeting place) has sponsored masterpieces by artists from a wide range of countries and has grown into a premier institution that is suitable for creative minds to converge. Although housed in the Al Fahidi district, the gallery features a number of exhibits, including Udhaybhanu's photographic collection. As a self-proclaimed environmental activist, the artist uses the environment as his inspiration to project his insightful view of his surroundings.

5. Old Souk

This is a popular marketplace in Bur Dubai, home to a variety of stores selling garments and accessories, as well as souvenirs and clothes. The stores in Bur Dubai's Garment Souk are considered to be a treasure trove of textiles, exuberant shades of cloth, patterns, and hand-crafted fabrics from all over the world. Peruvian souk (the Arabic word for market) and buy ornate ornaments to decorate your shelf along with interesting pieces of products, including shimmering threads and velvety fabrics. With a variety to choose from, the choices are endless, so why not learn the art of negotiating when you're in the market?

6. The Dubai Heritage Village

Any tourist with an insatiable curious mind should flock to this fascinating site in pursuit of the conventional ways of life and the history of this beautiful city. Established in 1997 in the historic neighborhood of Al Shindagha, the village's main objective was to showcase the country's local practices, rituals, occupations, and crafts. The Heritage Village is enjoyed by many who have a wonderful opportunity to live and hear about the different styles of local life. In fact, guests are offered a glimpse into how the various occupations are performed and carried out. The village operates a traditional Chinese medicine clinic throughout the peak season between October and March, giving visitors the opportunity to be handled by homeopathic physicians, maintaining a history of experience and expertise. Don't miss the chance to purchase a homemade cocktail from skilled craftsmen who dabble in whistle design, jewelry production, and cotton trading. Visitors can also enjoy live presentations of Arabian folklore such as Razfah, Ayala, Harbeya, and El-Dan, as well as dances rooted in Africa.

Other Dubai City Tour often include:

Global Village

Do you think it's impossible to travel around the world in less than 24 hours? Think again. Global Village provides a series of mini market stalls offering food from dozens of countries and communities, along with exciting opportunities to shop through all shops and catch such incredible memories on video. Experience the exhilarating surge of excitement while you're on the fun rides and wonder at the magnificent musical waterfall, normally coordinated with the new pop songs that are guaranteed to make you shake your legs. An innovative way to get acquainted with the food of other regions of the world and to integrate them all as one.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Stay close to the action to the elegant and charming beings of the sea: the dolphins. Such affectionate creatures, along with cheerful dolphins, are included in Dubai Dolphinarium's action-packed displays. Tourists will watch as dolphins and seals execute amazing acrobatics, rap, dance, and juggle and even sculpt. The facility provides an opportunity to partake in regular dolphin swimming activities that would give tourists a precious golden opportunity to interact with friendly mammals. It's a sanctuary for families who want to find an experience that will interest both adults and children.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is an indoor ski destination, first in the Middle East, with an indoor ski area of 22,500 square meters. It is part of the Emirates Center, one of the biggest shopping malls in the country. Ski Dubai has five runs that range in complexity, height, and elevation, where skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels can experience a selection of slopes, and snowboarders can also practice their strolls in the Freestyle Area. Ski Dubai is designed for snowboarders and skiers, but also for those that want to feel the snow.

Those who have never skied/snowboarded previously will have to take some lessons that are also offered, those who are not keen to learn can experience the snow or see the penguins in the Snow Park.

Dubai is the best place for someone who is looking for a combination of adventure and heritage, Old and new and modern and traditional. These are someone of the handpicked location of Dubai, and you must visit these to know it all.