Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour

Almost everyone has their own bucket list of things they would like to do before they do not have the chance to any longer, lifetime achievements or maybe just things they seemed interested in but never had the chance to be invested in. Most of these lists always contains some adrenaline pumping activity to be checked off. Sometimes, the activities listed may be slower paced and that is perfectly fine too. No matter what is on your exciting bucket list, be sure to bring it with you to Dubai as there’s always something fun to do and you’ll definitely be able to cross off at least one activity from the list.

If you’re a thrill seeking person, you will definitely love the list of activities we compiled below after trying them out for ourselves, having had a lot of fun and memories along the way. These are just a few of the activities that we managed to try out, amongst the exceeding amount of options available in this magical city.

Enjoyable things to do in Dubai:

  • Desert Safari
  • Skydiving (indoor and outdoor)
  • Ski Dubai
  • At the Top Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Downtown fountain show

First on our list is the famous Desert Safari in Dubai, captivating hearts of safari lovers from all over world. The Desert Safari’s main attraction is Dune Bashing; an invigorating activity that involves soaring through the desert plains while seated in an off road 4WD vehicle. You can feel the wind rush through your hair as the driver steps harder on the gas, drifting through curves and spraying sand in its wake.

Sand skiing is another infamous Desert attraction; an old age sport that boasts the art of skiing on just sand, instead of snow. Experience a wildly unique sport. Other fun ways to move around the desert on your own is through traditional camel riding and quad biking, provided by most tour operators. Observe Falconry first hand; the art of training Falcons using advanced traditional and modern methods. At the end, you can have the Falcon perch itself obediently on your arm, ready for a selfie whenever you are.

For some fresh air, drift off on a hot air balloon and indulge in the rare opportunity to view the city of Dubai from a bird’s eye perspective. If you would like to glide through the sky in a quicker, more exhilarating way, hop on a helicopter and take a tour of the city’s skyline from up above, look down on the beauty of the architecture and landscaping that the builders of Dubai put their pride in. Please do note that some tour operators may not provide all of the above activities in the Desert Safari.

If you are looking for something more daring, take a leap of faith and dive through the sky headfirst, with no hot air balloon or helicopter keeping you strapped in comfortably. Step out of your comfort zone and experience a sensation like no other. Dubai has options for both outdoor and indoor skydiving to suit to your needs. It is highly recommended for first time skydivers to test the waters by skydiving indoors and then going for the real deal once they are more experienced and well prepared.

Moving on to something a little more on the cooler side. Ski Dubai is another exciting place for families and friends to stop by. Never could a person imagine having a whole area covered with snow and partaking in snow-related fun activities such as skiing, rolling down a snowy hill in a ball and lots more, all in a hot desert. This is one of the wonders of Dubai for you. You can also take pictures with penguins that reside in there, yes you read that right, the mall has penguins too.

If you would prefer visiting a more futuristic, modern site, stop by the famous Burj Khalifa and enjoy the dancing, well- lit fountain show, a mesmerizing scene for sure. To get the most of your visit to the stunningly tall Burj Khalifa, head up to the top to enjoy an aerial view of the city. Step on to a cruise and peacefully sail the waters, enjoying scrumptious meals on board as well as a whole range of entertainment.

DO’S AT Dubai City Tour:
  • Plan your visit ahead of time to get the best deals and avoid ‘booked out’ disappointments
  • Be realistic with planning out your activities, taking into consideration the duration of each
DON'T AT Dubai City Tour
  • Rush through activities with the intention of completing a lot in a day. You’d rather thoroughly enjoy one activity instead of barely enjoying multiple events.
  • Carry with you valuables if you’re going to be on the move a lot and don’t require them much