Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Amongst the many novelties of Dubai, the Dhow Cruise stands out as a special little trip that is well deserved, come and join us, treat yourself and your partner to a night of wonder under the soft glow of the moonlight as you glide down the sparkling water on the Dubai Creek and make exquisite memories you are sure to never forget. We encourage you to bring your partner as we set the scene for a romantic sight truly reflecting your love for one another. We have also got your kids covered if you would rather spend some quality family time together, the more the merrier.

Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist, we treat our passengers with utmost care, prioritizing your needs and comfort above anything else. To get to the cruise, a pick up service can be arranged for, they will also graciously offer to drop you off wherever you would like to be as the cruise comes to an end.

Instead of taking a hot air balloon or helicopter around why not take the Dhow Cruise Dubai and see the city as the settlers did when it was once a mere fishing village. Indulge in the innovation and beauty of this concrete beauty named Dubai and enjoy what the remarkable city has to offer you.

The cruise can take place in one of two exquisite locations, one of which will be taking place down the infamous Dubai Creek, full of life, energy and joy, with the slow and steady flow of fascinating lights of the Dubai creek with incredible Music and a Tanura Dance show as part of the grandeur the cruise offers, all while you feast on the delicious Continental buffet dinner, with your favourite drink by your side.

Extend your perspective of Dubai; let us give you another angle to view it by. The Dhow cruise will take you through several iconic areas of the magical city, some of these include; Sheikh Saeed's house and birthplace, old town, Heritage village and not to forget, the illustrious, modern skyscrapers of Dubai. Enjoy watching the fierce fireball gently we call the sun, gently set over the horizon while you enter the twilight zone, a time so special it is only restricted to an hour at most, make it yours. Pull out your phone or your professional camera and capture the sun at the perfect moment to take with you wherever you go, a timeless memoir. Dubai is said to be one of the most photographed cities in the world and we cannot imagine why, besides of course the gorgeous sunsets, the remarkably designed skyline and lest not forget, the seamless blend of nature and man in a singular place; A photographer’s dream.

The Dhow Cruises usually take one of two routes; the Dubai Creek or the Dubai Marina. The Creek will leave you feeling as if you’ve time travelled to the past, taking you through the beautiful, ancient Souks. If you happen to choose the latter, then you are in for a treat, getting the opportunity to pass through Dubai’s famous attractions such as the Burj al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah, both globally known for their exquisite style and luxurious features.

Let us finish by saying that no matter what you choose, you are surely to expect a night of wonder and glamour no matter how you choose to define it. The city of Dubai has a way of magically transporting you to a world where your problems, worries and turmoil no longer bothers you. A place truly different from any other destination, a utopia in existence, a piece of heaven on earth.

A few of the Dhow Cruise Dubai highlights are:

  • Pick up and drop off service
  • Continental buffet and drinks
  • Music and traditional dance
  • Two unique routes to choose from: Creek and Marina
  • View multiple famous and ancient attractions in one trip
  • Beautiful sunset view
DO’S AT Dhow Cruise:
  • Dress well for the weather, it does tend to get chilly by the water at night
  • Eat well till you're stuffed and have a wonderful time
DON'T AT Dhow Cruise:
  • Horse around by the edge. We all love to swim with a view but this isn’t one of those times
  • Forget any medication you may need for seasickness

CAUTION Some of these services may come at an additional price depending on your tour operator.