Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dubai Dhow Cruise Guide

Even though Dubai took the form of record-breaking skyscrapers, pristine beaches, massive malls, and luxury cars are running down wide eight-lane highways. Its core is in the Arabian Peninsula's traditional Bedouin culture, especially the tribe living along the Dubai Creek. There are still many historical manifestations from that time that can be discovered recently, performing an essential part in Dubai's daily life. None of which are more essential than the dhow-traditional wooden boats that the local fishing groups masterfully designed and constructed and used to cross the Red Sea and the Indian Oceans.

Cruises in Dubai

Now, you can enjoy the city's medieval land and sea culture by having experienced a dhow cruise with a modern twist. Cruising the waters of Dubai Creek and the modern Dubai Marina, these dhow cruises are famous for their unique dining and sightseeing experiences. Sailing along with notable icons while stimulating your taste buds and having a delicious dinner is an event you must recall.

In this tutorial, we'll look at all of Dubai's dhow cruise choices. Hopefully, you'll be able to figure a dhow cruise in that suits you greatest at the end of it.

Types & Options for Dubai Dhow Cruise

1. Sightseeing

A cruise usually starts at the pier, where you will be treated with drinks, dates, and snacks. There are also cruises accessible with the alternative of pick-up and drop-off at your hotel. You'll be placed at your table once you're aboard. The air-conditioned dhow has glass windows that allow you to gaze easily out of the dhow as you relish your meal. Once you have loved your dinner, you can take a stroll on to the open deck and take in the fresh air.

There's plenty of sightseeing possibilities as cruising both in Dubai Creek, and Dubai Marina gives you the chance to take a look at all the famous landmarks you've been cruising past. As for dinner, predict a worldwide three-course buffet ready with the highest degree of excellence. In the dinner itself, the multicultural dimension of Dubai can be seen, with food from all over the world set out to enjoy.

When enjoying your meal, you can also enjoy the local musicians showcasing traditional forms of music, such as belly dance, tanoura, and even magic and puppet shows can thrill you. Overall, a dhow cruise is a great way to enjoy Dubai and a must if you're exploring the city for the first time

2. Dubai Creek

You'll be able to see luxury yachts,' Abras ' (water taxis), contemporary design like the National Bank of Dubai, the House of Sheik Saeed, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Heritage Village as you cruise down Dubai Creek. Cruising Dubai Creek not just to takes you back to the heart of Dubai but also gives you a significant aspect of the history and heritage of Dubai. The cruise also includes pre-recorded English commentary and provides interesting information regarding Dubai and Khor Dubai. You can witness the satisfaction that Dubai stands for, and also get better connected to the past of the city.

3. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a modern manufacturings perfect showcase. An artificial canal that snakes along the Persian Gulf before linking to it, Dubai Marina extends through its shores for nearly two miles. It harbors some of the most impressive architectural feats. Carved from the Persian Gulf shoreline, Dubai Marina boasts one of the worlds has ever known most beautiful skylines. You'll be able to see the unique Dubai Marina residences, numerous five-star hotels with their great architecture, The Dubai Marina Yacht Club promenade, Dubai Marina Mall, and even Palm Jumeirah as you ride Dubai Marina. All of this while you'll play conventional Arabic music for your enjoyment.

4. Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise

Some of Dubai Creek's Dhow Cruise encounters are renowned for the delicious dinner they deliver. You can opt for those who have mentioned multi-course meals when booking a cruise and enjoy a satisfying sail under Dubai's night sky. Some of the greatest things about Dhow Dinner Cruises are that from the warmth of your dining table, you get to enjoy the passing scenery. Usually, the menu on a dinner dhow cruise comprises of a 3-course worldwide buffet prepared with 5-star standards.

5. Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

Dubai Marina is a human-made canal town along the Persian Gulf shore, which was also the biggest human-made marina in the world! There's more to it, though. With towers such as the Burj Al Arab and Dubai Mall, the canal district has the world's highest building and the largest mall part of the' tallest block' in the world. The Marina area also includes beautifully architectural skyscrapers such as the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Dubai Marina Mall, and a significant number of five-star hotels.

Moreover, with the increasing number of tourists and locals in the city, different food and leisure joints regularly open up, contributing to Dubai Marina's charm. There's no faster way than on a dhow cruise to cover the Dubai Marina's span. Climb aboard and across the 2-mile long canal with fantastic views to either side.

6. Dubai Water Canal

Enjoy a calming 60-minute cruise on an Abra along the Dubai Water Canal, traditional Arabic boats made up of wood and water taxi people throughout the Creek. Check in the views of iconic landmarks include Festival City Centre, Sanctuary Ras Al Khor, Business Bay, Burj Khalifa, and much more. All such cruises to Abra are one of Dubai's most special ways of connecting with the heart.

Dividing the beautiful' City of Lights' into two commercial areas, Deira and the island of Bur Dubai embody the essence of the region. Here the wonderful 21st Century sophistication falls in line with the elegance of a past era.

You will be welcomed upon arrival and accompanied to the cruise. Feel the waves flipping and flapping, and all-pervading romance as you gobble up the bustling environment of the city from a distance, along with soothing Arab music. Or just bask in the peace of the streams of the Creek.

7. Musandam Dhow Cruise

A famous location for getaways, Dubai's Musandam tour is pursued by residents and tourists alike. Musandam will be where the ocean meets the mountains, a stunning haven where time comes to a halt. This relatively small region belongs to Oman but is segregated from the mainland by the UAE's east coast and lies close to Dubai. Musandam's scenic scenery includes beautiful fjords, blue lakes, and the majestic Hajar Mountains. The picturesque coastal villages, the excentric culture, lively local retailers, landmarks and towns along with an abundance of underwater wildlife make Musandam an epic hub.

8. Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise

Dubai Creek was fundamental to the growth of the area since it was once the primary source of subsistence for local communities. Deira and Bur Dubai's bustling old city areas, which spread on each side of the Creek, are peppered with ancient sites and market areas such as Heritage Village, Gold and Spice Souks, Sheik Saeed's House, Grand Mosque, and Old Boat Fort. Dubai Creek's various Dhow cruise experiences serve a breathtaking view of all those emblematic locations, and much more. Overall, a Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek is a separate view, and if you are planning to travel to Dubai, it is a must-do activity.

Difference between a Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina Cruise?

Dhow cruises are accessible mostly on the Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek, two of the city's popular regions. The Dubai Creek belongs to ancient Dubai, a location where the Arabs lived while relocating from desert settlements to the region. The Dubai Creek splits the town into two Bur Dubai (Old Dubai) and Deira (new Dubai) districts. Dubai Marina, on the other side, is the new version of New Dubai. It is a human-made canal city with high elevations on both sides, and excellent examples of contemporary architecture. Some of the most luxurious hotels, exclusive cafes, and restaurants, as well as fashionable boutiques, are situated here.

Sights and Sceneries

Besides the accommodation and food, among the most fundamental things rendering dhow cruise dinner appealing is that you get to see Dubai's beautiful places. Although both Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina offer the best opportunities for sightseeing, there is a definite difference between the sites.

Compared to Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek has a limited number of sights. A promenade on the Dubai Creekside of Bur Dubai covers most of the area, leaving nothing to be seen.

Moreover, you are granted the attractions of the landmark part of the city, i.e., the Bastakiya Quarter, once the promenade ends. You'd enjoy the refined architectural design of the old days and also the souks, palaces, and a village of heritage. On the other hand, on the city's Deira side, you'd come across some famous structures such as the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai National Bank, Sheraton, respectively. While these structures do not have an outstanding design or theme, they are symbols of their own right.

Best time to go for a Dhow Cruise in Dubai?


Dubai's prominence between several international tourists is due in large part to its year-round sun, meaning visiting the city is not a' bad' time. But also, fittingly, the dhow cruise deal is accessible throughout the year. That being said, November across April is regarded as the peak season of the city where temperature increases are more manageable even if prices tend to be higher. During most of the low season between June and August, bargain hunters would do their utmost to explore, where a variety of dhow cruise tours will be accessible for less. Be advised, though, temperature increases often rise to around 40 ° C throughout the day, which means a sunset cruise is strongly recommended to avoid the worst of the heat!

Cost Incurred at Dubai Dhow cruise – Marina vs. Creek


Costs are one of the significant determining factors when it gets down to dhow cruise Marina vs. dhow cruise Creek. The quality of the Dubai Marina dhow cruise is much better than Dubai Creek's. At a rate of around AED 65, you will go on a Dubai Creek dhow cruise dinners. In contrast, the cost of a dhow cruise dinner with Dubai Marina is almost double People who have been on both dinner cruises, moreover, have said that. In contrast, Dubai Marina charges more; it also delivers better services. From the food to the customer service, it's all of greater quality than the Dubai Creek dhow cruise.

Best Dhow Cruise Deals

  • 5-Star Premium Dhowstar Dhow Cruise Dubai: $78.00
  • Luxury Canal Dinner Cruise (New Route): $55.00
  • Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise Dinner: $67.50
  • Marina Dhow Cruise: $45.00
  • Dhow Dinner Cruise from Dubai with Entertainment: $56.05