Al Gharbia Tourism

Welcome to Al Gharbia

Welcome to Al Gharbia, the charming west of Abu Dhabi which extends in land and culture far more than human memory. It is the home to the greatest desert and one of the highest sand dunes in the world. It also boasts a cradle of desert oases on which the magnificent natural beaches and communities are established, making it the area to connect the desert with the sea. It is also a witness to the comprehensive agricultural, industrial and tourist renaissance as it merges the traditional Bedouin life values and its culture which it feels proud to maintain – with modern entertainment, hence, Al Gharbia has become an attractive area for visitors and tourists inside and outside the UAE alike.

Tourism in Al Gharbia became easier since the Western Region Development Council issued a guidebook to provide tourists and visitors with all information necessary for exploring untouched desert islands, beaches, ancient oases and amazing and mysterious valley as well as familiarizing themselves with Al Gharbia’s historical heritage.The guidebook includes important information and a detailed map for the region to identify important tourist sites, highlighting the past, present and future of Al Gharbia.

The most recommended ten activities that visitors should experience during their visit to Al Gharbia, are:

  • Enjoying sunset and watching stars
  • climbing hills
  • hunting with falcons
  • enjoying festivals
  • wild life
  • dunes driving
  • relaxing in one of the luxurious hotels and resorts
  • adrenaline-driving sports
  • sand dunes climbing
  • exercising water sports on the unique Gulf shores


Besides this list, there are the annual events and festivals and the dream of driving either on Al Gharbia highways or off-roads in the Empty Quarter. As well as closely exploring the two most important activities in Al Gharbia; Palm Tree Harvesting and Pearl Hunting, tourists enjoy viewing explorations such as Liwa Oasis, Madinat Zayed, Ghayathi, the Empty Quarter, Pearl Beaches with the coastal road, Mirfa, Ruwais, Jebel Al Dhana and Sila mountains, and exploring the virgin beaches and desert islands such as Sir Bani Yas and Delma.

From the monumental explorations to exciting sports and from safari to resorts, Al Gharbia caters to all tastes and provides an opportunity to take beautiful photographs and enjoy various activities such as cruise journeys, shooting, boat journeys, camels riding, fishing, diving, Cricket, flying, Ski Sailing, horse riding, mountain climbing, biking on mountains, swimming, Tennis, skiing on sand, walking, tours, sight-seeing, and experiencing the taste of unique foods like camel milk, dates and hamour. Wild life in Al Gharbia is very rich and diverse with mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, and sea animals.