Desert Safari Doha

Take yourself away from the world you know to a world that is forgotten by all. Desert Safari Doha is the escapade you need to enjoy what the desert has to offer to you. Desert Safari Doha is full of surprises and adventures for those who are in love with the Arabian nights and the thrills of desert world.

Desert Safari Doha offers a lot of activities that you can enjoy alone or double the fun with a partner. Here is a quick look into what you can do when you arrive in Doha, Qatar.

The 4X4 Drive Dune Bashing: The adventure begins with a licensed and experienced 4X4 drive along the dunes of Doha. The ride is bumpy but that is exactly the kind of quirk this drive is aimed to do.

Camel Riding: You simply can’t come to a desert and not have a camel ride. The camels are led by experienced professionals for your safety, trained for the wellbeing of the camels and the camel riders. Enjoy the times of medieval age and experience their mode of transportation.

Sandboard Sliding: The sand dunes of Doha make up for a perfect location to surf on boards. This physical activity is perfect mix of exercise and fun for all the big boys who are still young at hearts.

Bedouin Camping by the Fire: Relive your life as a nomad in the Bedouin Camps set by the fires. These camping experiences will become the hallmark of your travel because it is very different and allows you to be completely detached from the life you are accustomed to live.

Inland Sea of Khor Al Adaid: The Inland Sea of Khor Al Adaid is one of a kind lagoon system right in the middle of the desert. Just 60kms from Doha, the dunes aesthetically dissolve into the sea that has been a habitat for many endangered species. There is nothing in the world comparable to this exquisite sight and it is worth every penny of it.

The fun isn’t in doing a single of these activities; the real fun is in exploring all these activities together. Plan your vacation with Desert Safari Doha and chose the package that best works for you. You can hire a private jeep that will pick you up from your location and take you through the dunes of Doha. While you are at it, you can go sand bashing or sandboarding to have a complete experience of the Doha dunes.

Either choose from a premade package or select a custom made package that suits your schedule. Come for an adventure, stay for the moment.

    Here are the quick highlights of Desert Safari Doha:

  • Explore the desert world in many different ways.
  • Enjoy dune bashing, camel riding or just cruise around in a 4 wheeler.
  • Get your hands on henna tattoo.
  • Go on late night walks to see the night life of Doha city.
  • Eat exotic foods and try our traditional foods from the menu.
  • Surf the dessert or smooth sail over waters.

    DO’S AT Desert Safari Doha:

  • Capture the moments in photos for memory.
  • Dress appropriately for respective activity. It will be hot in the day time but gets chilly at night.
  • Explore different foods, some names might sound weird but food here is amazing.

    DON'T AT Desert Safari Doha:

  • Forget your camera or phone
  • Try to do everything at once. Give each place some time to enjoy.
  • Get heavily tired with an activity; you will lose the next day in taking rest.


  • Dune bashing is fun in every way but don’t go crazy over speed.
  • Don't go to risky places for the sake of pictures. Your life is more important.
  • Some services have additional charges. Remember to ask your tour guide about it.