Falconry Desert Safari Dubai

Falconry Desert Safari Dubai

Start your day with a driver coming to pick you and your crew up at your convenience in a well-cooled 4WD vehicle, head on over to a location you will be certain is one to visit once more. Enjoy a complimentary breakfast and tea handled and cared for by us so you can have enough energy to kickstart this beautiful day with activities you will never forget. Throughout the day, you’ll be provided with snacks to ensure your energy levels are kept up, although we’re sure you won’t be needing that, with the amount of fun we know you’re going to have. In this unforgettable safari, your tour guide will walk you through some of the most advanced modern and ancient techniques of falconry training, both quite intriguing to watch and observe when done live, rather than watching it happen through a screen on YouTube. Being one of the main highlights of the Desert Safari, the experience will be quite interactive as you will get to observe the world’s best trained falconers at work, experience their intelligence and skills first hand as you learn and begin to tame the birds of prey yourself in no time at all. Have a personal hand in this experience as you get to try out these skills too and if you are brave enough, have a trained falcon perch itself on your arm for that Gram worthy selfie, with a powerful bird of prey posing by your side.

Before you get to that though, professional henna appliers will beautify your arms using a exquisite, thick, henna paste, comprised of ground leaves from the henna plant. This paste is used by appliers to craft stunning, traditional designs reflecting a rich cultural history dating back to thousands of years, originating from across the Emirati regions. This is usually applied on the arms of women, leaving a beautiful sight to gaze at for days on end, sometimes extending to weeks. This is surely a perfect souvenir to take back with you, on you. It does not take long to dry and you can be on your way soon to start your adventure, Falconry.

Let us get down to the details; Falconry is an age-old hunting art, involving the use of a falcon as bait to lure wild animals to the hunter. This tradition in the Arabian lands dates back as far as 1700 BC in some regions, this skill is vital as having a birds eye view will benefit you far more than trying to look over the next sand dune to find one that stands taller than the last. Falconry is a necessary skill that most Bedouins are armed with.

If this is not enough for you, then feel free to ask your driver to take you to a few picturesque locations and unleash your passion for capturing beauty or follow your own path and take one of our trained camels, go on exploring the Dubai Desert Bedouin style, as did the three wise men. Take your adventure to the next level with our traditional camel rides, as in Dubai there is plenty to go around, both aesthetically and culturally. Feel free to stop at a few select photography locations to get the best of this scenery and take your Facebook and Instagram feed to the next level.

This adds a unique touch to the journey, as it’s the only Desert Safari option where you get to personally experience live interaction with two of the desert’s most popular, magnificent creatures within just a few hours time. Both falcons and camels were extensively used in the olden days, helping men fulfil their everyday necessary tasks, such as travelling far and near as well as hunting; necessary for survival back in the day.

Falconry Desert Safari takes up about between four to six hours only, having a ton of exciting activities to carry out, packed in just a few hours. As your journey comes to an end, you will find a 4WD vehicle awaiting you, ready to drop you off wherever you wish to head to next.

    Falconry Desert Safari Highlights:

  • Pick-up and drop-off in a 4WD vehicle
  • Breakfast and tea
  • Traditional and modern henna painting
  • Advanced falconry training techniques
  • Interaction with falcons
  • Camelback riding (depending on package chosen)
  • Viewpoint and photography stops
  • Tea and snacks provided

    DO’S AT Falconry Desert Safari:

  • Ensure your devices are fully charged to avoid the common disappointment of having it die out during the best moments
  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Get a picture with the Falcon, chances like this don’t come by daily

    DON'T AT Falconry Desert Safari

  • Put on expensive jewelleries or carry valuable items
  • Forget any medication you may need as is prescribed by your physician
  • Try to approach the Falcons without proper guidance and training beforehand