Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

The Dubai Desert during night time is something truly breath-taking, everything from the soft and supple glow of the lamps lighting up the fine golden desert sand, to seeing all the constellations you can possibly think of up in the dark and light littered sky. It is a place where you can simply disconnect from the fast-paced and busy world and enjoy the peace the night has to offer.

This truly is a unique experience which stands out amongst the other Desert Safari packages, which don’t include an overnight stay in the magnificent desert and can last from a measly sixteen hours up to two whole days, depending on the type of package you choose. Grab the opportunity to fully experience what it would feel like to live in the desert in the olden days, asleep in one of many fancy tents set up, with camels asleep a few feet away and no city noise. Experience tranquillity.

When and if, you decide to finally hit the hay, you’ll find sleeping bags and blankets ready at your disposal. Despite the temptation to stay up all night and indulge in the serenity around you, it is recommended to try and get some sleep to stay well rested for the next day, planned with exhilarating activities.

As for continual activities in the night, feel free to enjoy some authentic Arab shisha for as long as you like. If you have never had shisha then you may like to try it now, ask your guide all about it and especially for a recommendation of flavours. You can also enjoy a evenings worth of exotic belly dancing while you have your shisha and lounge back, enjoying the moment and the beauty of the desert during nightfall, a perfect way to end a long and tiring day for weary travellers.

Morning coffee is something that everyone indulges in and on this special trip, we serve you fresh authentic Arabic coffee, named Qahwa, by the tall sand dunes, right in the midst of a cool desert morning just in time to watch the sunrise over the horizon.

To make your night even more magical, indulge in stargazing with the help of professional astronomers by your side and get lost in the beauty of the Milky Way. This special feature is offered by some tour operators as part of the package. They say beauty comes with a price but in Dubai, you can mix beauty with luxury level. The more grandeur you would like to experience, the more you have to pay although it is strongly believed that every penny spent on the desert is well worth it as with it comes a beautiful, unforgettable experience. At sunrise, if you have gone for the top package available, you get to view both the desert and the city from a bird’s view, safely stationed in a hot air balloon, soaring gently in the cool morning air.

Once you have reached the end of your Overnight Desert Safari, you will be dropped back to your residence in a 4WD vehicle, ensuring you are comfortably having a great time till your very last step with us.

    Overnight Desert Safari Highlights:

  • Pick-up and drop-off in a 4WD vehicle
  • Quad biking (surcharge AED 30)
  • Sand skiing (surcharge AED 20)
  • Hot air balloon (depending on package chosen)
  • Camelback riding
  • Traditional and modern henna painting
  • Dune bashing
  • Exotic belly dancing
  • Sunset photography
  • Stargazing with professional astronomers
  • Unlimited Authentic Shisha
  • Traditional costume photography
  • Sleeping bag and blankets
  • BBQ Buffet
  • Arabic coffee, fresh dates, soft drinks
  • Bar and breakfast (upon payment)
  • 16 hours- 2 days total duration, depending on package chosen

    DO'S AT Overnight Desert Safari:

  • Ensure your devices are fully charged to avoid the common disappointment of having it die out during the best moments
  • Dress appropriately for the weather to ditch the early morning shivers yet remain cool during the warm day
  • Comply with our staff regarding safety regulations during certain activities
  • Bravely take on the Safari ahead of you and enjoy every moment

    DON'T AT Overnight Desert Safari

  • Put on expensive jewelleries or carry valuable items
  • Feel shy or scared, make the most of every opportunity available. Make memories.
  • Forget any medication you may need as is prescribed by your physician
CAUTION This safari is not recommended for the elderly, pregnant women and children under the age of three due to the bumpy, rough nature of the Dune Bashing ride. We value safety of our travellers and take all precautions to avoid any inconvenience or injuries. Our Dune Bashing drivers are qualified for the job; rest assured you’re in safe hands when you’re speeding through the dunes.