Wildlife Desert Safari Dubai

Wildlife Desert Safari Dubai

If speeding and drifting through the sand dunes does not do it for you and you would prefer experiencing the desert in a more slow-paced and peaceful manner, then a Conservation or Wildlife Desert Safari Dubai is the perfect choice for you. The desert is home to a wide range of diverse species, each unique in their own way and a must to see if you decide to visit Dubai.

The Wildlife Desert Drive is a perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to enter a tranquil journey and let your mind take a breather. Enter the habitat of the various species that reside in the dry terrain, get close enough to capture the moments that only nature has the patience to witness. Take a break from your daily drives and jump head first into a world long forgotten that co-exists in a drive’s distance from one of the busiest cities in the world. Welcome to the world renown Dubai Desert.

Due to the importance of maintaining the peace and safety of this sanctuary, only a select few Safari agencies are authorised to operate in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Be a star in your own nature documentary and discover the hidden gems of life the Dubai Desert has to offer. Have a peek into the desert ecosystem and discover the wonderful ways in which it works.

We know how unique and breath-taking this opportunity is and to ensure you have the best experience, our travellers are provided with the sight of an eagle, high powered binoculars to be able to spot the rare birdlife and various species from afar without missing out on a single detail. You will have your own pair of binoculars with you at all times, be sure to use it well and peek well into the hidden treasures nature has to offer as much as you can.

During your safari, amongst many of the species present, you may spot a few Arabian Oryx and the exotic Gordon's Wildcat; you do not get to see these gorgeous animals much outside of the desert.

Not only is the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve a sanctuary for unique, beautiful animals, but it is a battleground, home to vast plant life too. Being a desert, water is naturally scarce and plants and animals alike must be tough if they wish to survive here. As you go around, you will surely notice that the species that remain have embedded their grasp deep within these ancient lands, adapting indefinitely to survive in these harsh conditions.

Plant life flourishes in the Dubai desert, exotic flora and the fauna simply litter the area with their beauty. Feast your eyes on the carefully preserved and maintained desert wildlife of United Arab Emirates.

We are well aware that Safaris can work up an appetite, as you have a lot going on around you. Some may pack meals before their arrival but we insist on giving you the best stress free time in our power, know sometimes, these little but important details can be forgotten. No matter what, we’ve got you covered on all aspects. Enjoy complimentary services, it is on us, as we will be providing you with snacks and refreshments throughout the trip.

The tour operators at Wildlife Desert Drive offer a variety of packages, depending on the duration. The shortest safari goes on for only two hours while the longest one can stretch on up to  seventeen hours. Personally speaking, it is still not enough time to explore the vast magic the Desert has to offer.

Once you’re done with your exploration, we would be happy to drop you off wherever you please in a large and comfortable 4WD vehicle, just let us know what the plan is beforehand, we may just know of ways to make it even more memorable.

    Wildlife Desert Safari Highlights:

  • Pick-up and drop-off in a 4WD vehicle
  • Breakfast and tea
  • Traditional and modern henna painting
  • Snacks and tea
  • High powered binoculars will be provided
  • Wildlife Photography stops

    DO’S AT Wildlife Desert Safari:

  • Bring along your camera as this is the perfect place for photographers to get Wildlife shots
  • Ensure your devices are fully charged to avoid the common disappointment of having it die out during the best moments
  • Ask questions regarding the animals and plants, you’ll be surprised by the interesting knowledge present

    DON'T AT Wildlife Desert Safari

  • Put on expensive jewelleries or carry valuable items
  • Startle the animals or touch any plants without supervision of tour guide

Children under 10 are not allowed in the resort